Timekol is one of Latin America´s leading companies in development, sourcing and apparel supply chain management in Asia.

With more than 15 years of experience, we work for the main brands and companies in the region developing clothing collections, textiles, accessories and footwear.

We focus on understanding the client, her/his brand and commercial objectives in order to offer the most suitable products and prices, with production facilities and flexible delivery times and volumes in our associated factories.

Since our foundation Timekol has grown to a team of more than 30 designers and commercial professionals in our country and Asia producing more than 3 million pieces for over 150 of the Latin American most recognizable fashion brands, department stores and supermarkets.

Our Work & Team
Our team take care of all stages of the business: search for collections on product trips, sample development, production, quality control, logistics coordination, financial aspects, customs documentation for each country and all the necessary actions so that our customers have the best garments and service at the lowest price.

We travel to the main capital cities in search for inspiration and ideas that will give life to new designs.  Our aim is to add value to our customer’s designers and product managers to improve their develpment and enhance their product while keeping true to their brand identity. 

The strength of our Company is anchored on the quality of our technical team, our factories in the East and our deep knowledge of the industry.

We produce all kind of garments, accessories, lingerie and footwear for the most demanding fashion and shopping brands in the region, for women, men and children.

With our presence in the East we are able to manufacture small or large quantities with superior quality in the most suitable factories for each product and order.

We work with a group of factories in China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam that we have selected and developed for 15 years, adapting them to the needs of our clients, with the highest standards of design and quality, minimum adaptable orders and social compliance and environmental certifications.

The global nature of the textile industry also requires professional operation support for finances, logistics, compliance and IT.

Our experienced quality control teams carry out the necessary processes at each stage in the factory in order to guarantee the established standards.

Markets & Customers
Presence in 13 countries
+ 15 years of experience
+ 150 active clients
+ 3 million garments per year
Timekol S.A. have obtained the ISO 9001-2015 Certification from LSQA (LATU + Quality Austria), being one of the first clothing and textile trading companies in Latin America to obtain it.

ISO 9001/2015 is the international quality standard that recognizes the commitment to continuous improvement of processes and products, quality and customer satisfaction, drivers of excellence and business innovation.
This certification ensures all our processes and controls, as well as those of our associated factories, resulting in product improvement, time and costs for all involved.

We continue developing and transforming Timekol, guiding our company towards the systematic improvement of organizational performance. Through the incorporation of technology, training and internationally recognized certifications we reaffirm day by day our commitment to quality and satisfaction of the client´s needs.


Isla de Flores 1727 - Piso 1
Postal Code 11.200 - Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone: +598 2413 0101 - 2413 0103